Southeastern Conference of Dental Labratories


New Location, New Format

The Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories has made some major changes in 2016. Click here to learn more (PDF) about the reasoning behind these changes and what’s in store for the future.
SCDL Executive Leadership Summit
The Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories was organized to support and educate dental laboratory owners, managers and technicians and is well known for hosting the ‘premiere dental laboratory meeting’ in the Southeastern part of the United States since 1961.

Change is on the horizon for the Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories. As of July 1, 2016, we have moved our headquarters to Tallahassee, Florida. Please note our new address and other contact information listed below. Also, plans are underway for our annual meeting, now called the Executive Leadership Summit, set for April 7-8 in Nashville, Tennessee. This meeting will mark the launch of a new brand of educational content as well as a new location brought to you by the organization. Please click here for more information.

About Our President

Randy Blackburn Randy Blackburn
SCDL President
Pearl, MS
I am Randy Blackburn, third generation dental as my grandfather, Dr. Estes M. Blackburn, was a dentist in Jackson Mississippi; my father, Estes "Skip" M. Blackburn, Jr., started Blackburn Dental Laboratory in my grandfather’s office in 1961; and I, Randolph Estes Blackburn, began managing Blackburn Dental Lab in 1997. I graduated from Ole Miss with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1993. After completing school, I moved to Atlanta and worked with several different dental supply companies before returning to Jackson to help my father manage Blackburn Dental Laboratory. I am also the current president of the Mississippi Dental Laboratory Association and member several other laboratory organizations .

The Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories (SCDL) is a special organization to me. My father first attended this meeting in 1970 and is a past board member and past president . He showed me how his involvement in the SCDL not only created lifelong friendships but also helped guide our lab through decades of changes.

This is going to be an exciting year for the SCDL. As an organization, we are making some big changes this year... new city, new date, new program format and many other changes still to come. Our laboratories are changing with the times now and we are too. There is not a better group of people than this current board to help guide us through the changes. I am honored to work along side them trying to make the SCDL as strong as ever. I hope to see you all in Nashville in 2017.

Southeastern Conference Of Dental Laboratories
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